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**Please note:  These pages pertain to Schools, YMCA's and Daycare facilities.  For family fun please see our Easter Page and our Fall Festival page for family visiting times (No reservations or groups sizes needed!!)  Monday thru Fridays are RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS AND GROUPS WITH RESERVATIONS ONLY


Hello! It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again!

Here on the farm, summer sure seems to have flown by!

Fall will soon be here! Our Animal Tour is a wonderful way to celebrate it

Tours begin on September 20th, 2017 and run through November 3rd, 2017.

Important information to take note on the info/directions page.

Pumpkin Patch ONLY Tour:

Did you experience our farm tour in the Spring?  Are you a half day school?  Do you just want students to experience Fall at the Pumpkin Patch?  Come to the farm this Fall for the Pumpkin Patch Tour!  Each class will take a Hayride out to the patch where we will talk about growing pumpkins and why bees are necessary for them to grow (they will see the bees in our Observation Bee Hive). At the patch, everyone will pick their own pumpkin (Any size they can carry!)to take home with them.  At the picnic area near the patch, cider and donuts will be waiting for your group.  Approximate tour time 1-1.5 hours. 

Pumpkin Patch ONLY Tour Cost is $6.00 per child.  (this includes the cider and donuts)  As always, each teacher and 2 free chaperones per teacher are free. Additional parents are $5.00   **Please note:  no animal interaction is on this tour.  Teachers receive a free pumpkin.  Chaperones do not receive a pumpkin. 

Farm Animal Tours:(2 options to choose from):

Cost: $8.00 per student; teacher & 2 chaperones per class :FREE; additional adults: $5.00

Tour Option One:            

 **Recommended for Pre-K through 3rd graders.  Students interact with the full grown animals in their natural settings. The highlight of this tour is MILKING OUR DAIRY COW!!! (Yes, she is a LIVE COW, not a replica!!!) Students feed and pet our animals including:  Our goat families, our sheep families, our farm pig babies and “Violet”, our pot-bellied pig. They will feed the many chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, and peacocks that roam freely here on the farm.  Our Reindeer & Fallow Deer families look forward to meeting the children.  The children will also be able to hold bunnies, and hold ducklings or chicks. “Peaches”, our donkey looks forward to greeting the students with a big “EeeeAwwww!” (She believes she IS the star of the farm!)  Our Observation Bee Hive awaits the students as well!   Even a surprise animal or two will be waiting! All along the tour the children will be taught educational and interesting facts about the animals, their habitats, and eating habits.  We have also added the “Discovery Barn”. This area allows the children to touch and feel feathers, various animal wools, fur & antlers; see & touch the crops native to Ohio and Michigan.   The children also receive a Barrel Train! For any “extra” time, our playground area awaits the children.  Each child will be allowed to choose any size pumpkin they can carry from our pumpkin patch at the end of their tour.



 **Recommended for  4th through 6th graders.

This tour begins with Milking our Real Dairy Cow!!  In addition to the milking, the children will then try their hand at butter making! They will get to sample the butter they have made on saltine crackers with honey at lunch time, along with a glass of apple cider! The tour includes meeting and greeting our grown up farm animals and learning about their natural habitats and eating habits. At the Observation Bee Hive Station the students will also get to spin honey out of a honeycomb in a hand crank honey extractor (Where the use of centrifugal force is explained). Then the students will try their hand at pressing apples into apple cider using an 1890’s press (as in the olden days, before automated equipment!). The tour then heads out to the field for an age appropriate explanation of the life cycle of a Christmas Tree and the life cycle of the Pumpkin plant.  Students will learn all that is involved in the farming operation concerning the growing and selling of these 2 crops.  They will then head back to the “Discovery Barn” to view and identify the major crops of Ohio and Michigan. Hands on animal items are in the barn as well. Finally, each student will take a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick any size pumpkin they can carry to take home with them. 


   Teachers DO receive a classroom pumpkin! Adult chaperones and additional adults do NOT receive pumpkins, however additional pumpkins are available for purchase!

We schedule the tour in 2 1/2 hour increments. This includes ˝ hr. for lunch.  This does NOT mean that you cannot stay any longer to revisit an activity.  WE WANT THIS TOUR TO BE A FUN,  LEISURELY LEARNING EXPERIENCE! BECAUSE OF THE LARGE NUMBER OF TOURS, WE DO ASK THAT YOU BE PUNCTUAL ON YOUR ARRIVAL TIME! Tours run rain or shine!  We are able to bring our animals into buildings for the tours!

Booking dates & times are filled on a first come, first serve basis, so book early!!!

Please call (419)461-1298 for more info & to make reservations.

*** We have a directions page on our is HIGHLY recommended this be used instead of Mapquest!   We also have a facebook page: Country Lane Tree Farm/facebook.


We look forward to sharing our farm with you!

3525 N. Bolander Road

Genoa, Ohio 43430

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